Mar. 1st, 2009

Please realize that words such as 'adore' and 'desire' don't particularly mean that's how he views them, they're just words I'm using to denote a scale of sorts. Some of these aren't completed so if they're sitting directly in the middle, unless otherwise obvious-- then they're not graphed. With L, take "Physical Attraction" as a fore thought. If someone were to say 'Do you think I'm attractive' that's how he'd answer. Not that every one isn't their own special snowflake.

- Canon CR: This is reserved for people whom L may know (depending on what the mun wants if it's just speculation) whom they HAVEN'T FORMALLY MET in the game! If they have, then I'm sorry Mun into Game CR you go! Unless he has some sort of brain reboot- he's not going to be able to deny knowing them (unless he's gotta lol!)

- In Game CR: All the CR that he's gathered in game, including the people he's met from home that he may not have in canon.

- Dropped: The graveyard for his CR. If a different mun picks the same character up without actually having someone else play in between them dropping and picking up again, it will just reprise from the last time they played and be recycled. Otherwise it will stay in the graveyard.

Hover over the header for more information on what something may mean if it's available!
Go ahead and comment as you need to (I am freezing CR threads so that I can edit them later on at my leisure) but realize they may get deleted for age reasons and that this isn't the HMD page.

Requesting is always welcome!

Canon CR
Jeevas, Mail
Wammy, Quillish
Matsuda, Touta

In Game CR
Death Note
Amane, Misa | Michi
Keehl, Mihael | Bee
Teru, Mikami
Yagami, Light


Keehl, Mihael | Keri
River, Nate | Lucy


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