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Characters name



Yes: Extenuating circumstance.

No: After a week. If the tagging is continually a week between posts or like five days/four days between posts back and it's SIMPLE things, I may drop the thread because you're not showing interest and we can contact each other and infer what would have happened via knowledge of our characters.
Threadjacking: I welcome it, but ask please if it looks like it's important!
Fourthwalling: No thanks.
Anything else?: Uh, I dunno, just IM me when you need to know something.

Kissing/hugging/etc: Yes/Yes/Yes: though he'll need much CR thxyew, L's no whore lol.
Injuries: Ask please :3. Then I'll know what to expect.
Killing: Nupe, not without permission so IM me!
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: IM me plx
Anything else?: Uhm... Just IM me lol. I'm pretty damn friendly xD.

ID Thingy

Dec. 10th, 2011 10:51 pm
IF you're using this to IC Contact him, please list it as:
"IC Comment | [Video/Audio/Text/Blood on the wall/etc]" in subject.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuga
》 AGE: 25

Backtagging: Yes, longer than a week between replies and I just ask you contact me so I can remember what we were doing if we had to move on.
Threadjacking: IM me on blueeyekamikaze, that way I know what's going on too lol!
Fourthwalling: No thank you!
Anything else?: Uh, IM me if you want to ask anything else.
Kissing/hugging/etc: Yes/Yes/Yes: though he'll need much CR thxyew, L's no whore lol.
Injuries: Ask please :3. Then I'll know what to expect.
Killing: Nupe, not without permission so IM me!
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: IM me plx
Anything else?: Uhm... Just IM me lol. I'm pretty damn friendly xD.


May. 12th, 2011 07:09 am
PERMISSIONS GO HERE D:, but pretty much, I'll try anything once and twice if I like it.

I prefer L to play the role of Seme-- so please do let me know if you'd like him to be uke instead. Both female and male sexual CR are welcome.

Successors/Cast-mates are a big ol' HELL YES :D.
There's many versions of what the Successors believe they have in Canon (and of course canonically speaking what people accept themselves) during death note.

I'll detail it here what's been decided between myself and the current mun so that things are a little easier for everyone else to understand. Though, yes, I have my own values on what L would or wouldn't have done at any rate, I also want to value what they want too. I'm very easy to get along with in this respect xD.


In Canon
- Another Note is taken as canon regarding B in this instance as stipulated by their mun and accepted by me. I acknowledge and once again accept the interpretation of Beyond Birthday based upon these things.
- L knows what beyond looks like in his 'L costume' and therefore could make an educated guess if he were to perhaps remove the makeup. It's plot/situational dependent.
- What his pattern of behaviour is for the most part- aka his psychotic tendencies or what could set him off into a rage.
- Perhaps not his speaking pattern in voice posts because he'd only have had ever used the "L" within BF Canon if he had to. (*Note this is changed in Cake & OCD #3. He knows Beyond's voice from meeting face to face with him after being trapped under a fallen bookcase.
- L would use the name "B" while knowing it means"Backup", but also knowing not to use Backup as a specific name. This may cause him to go into somewhat an angrier state and should be avoided. For this incarnation, "B" should be used in preference given by the mun.
- Due to possible chronological issues, L and B were never at the Q& A session (OVA) that L held where Near and Mello stood standoffish while L answered the questions of others.
- This interpretation of B does not know Near or Mello, nor has he been introduced to them by L in any manner of speaking.

In [livejournal.com profile] badfic_manor
- Thanks to Misa and the Body-Swap event, B knows that:
º L has a tiny bit of life left, perhaps ranging into the two or so second range.
º his name is "L Lawliet"
º Exact details of his face, posture, body movement (well, the way Misa would move it) and preferred dressing state to the N'th degree now.


In Canon

In [livejournal.com profile] badfic_manor
- They've had a bit of a yammer session.
- Misa outed L to Beyond (unfortunately) via bodyswitch. So this means that I accept as mun and having talked it over with Beyond-mun that:
-----Beyond knows L's true name and that he had only moments left to live at home, that he was on the verge of dying. He knows his body's look, the way he dresses, the way his hair is and all sorts of other things in detail that is much more high quality than the rumour he had to work off of previously.

- Mello obsessed (thusly missing//hiatus time) while L's slumber occurred and it can be assumed (if Keri wants of course since I'm just adding this, my hiatus wasn't as long as I thought it'd be) that random checks until the plot started up were occurring- even after the plot about the Alien Survival occurred. This has not been cleared officially with Keri, just throwing it out there so y'all are aware. Okay now I really have to go out of town LOL.

Misora, Naomi
In Canon
- Has met L. She booted him down the stairs when he went to go see her and embraced her out of no where.
- Misora inspired his brand of martial art.

In [livejournal.com profile] badfic_manor
- She met him face to face in the kitchen during the sickness and also they spoke a little when he first got there.

In Canon
- Both of us have come to the agreement that L and Near do not know each other on a personal level and that Near has only heard speculation of what L really looks like. However, L's speaking pattern rather than his actual voice (as their 'outward' voices are synthesized), may be able to be picked out by his successors. Being successors to L- I as the mun -accept they're good enough to find at least that much in conjecture.
- For the sake of simplicity, L knows Near's voice well enough that he can understand the transition of puberty into the voice.

In [livejournal.com profile] badfic_manor
- Unfortunately, during Near's first post, L was in 'sleep stasis' while his mun was failing at life the post occurred. Mello's as well. They have not met in BF yet and only have perhaps small inkling through other characters they could be there (if Light has talked to Near at all I'm uncertain).

HMD Post

Mar. 6th, 2011 11:52 am
Anon is: OFF- If you can't tell me to my face, I don't want to hear it. Years of anon causing wank for my friends and then recently myself has soured me to it. People who thrive by thinking they can say anything they want and not own up to it, kind of gets to me after a while. Sorry.
Screened is: ON- 'Cause I got scolded for having it off lol!
IP Logging is: ON- Because again, if you can't say it to my face and own up to praise or problem (so I can either say thank you and improve, or say thank you and hide behind a rock because I'm no good with taking compliments) then perhaps it's not a good idea you post.

If I'm going through a time where CHARACTER isn't a prevalent muse, "play him more" comments are going to be ignored. I don't believe that's criticism or that it's going to help me improve my game. I mentioned this because it's happened before and it ended up unkindly so you're forewarned that I won't even entertain this notion.

This is a blanket HMD, so it's for all my communities. Please state which you're speaking of. Here's a handy-dandy little text area if you're having any problems :3.

Thanks for stopping by!
Living with he himself and him in 99
I want you to be absolutely aware. L is a frigging genius. If you're playing him, he WILL suspect you. Light is arguably his best friend and he still suspects him of being a killer regardless of his involvement.

Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Yes, if it doesn't look like an integral part of plot. Always feel free to ask if you really want to- even if it's an OOC tag in the thread! I'm always open to talk :3.
Offensive subjects: There's probably nothing you can say to startle/offend me ...well there's SOME things but, normally I'm pretty laid back unless you're outright attacking me or passive-aggressively attacking me.

Fourthwalling: Prefer Not.
Canon Puncture
............With Knowledge: L may think you're crazy when you do this/if you do this and won't really believe you so that's fine. Unless you have the manga of him, then fine, but he may believe that if it's book form it's probably just another Shinigami-ish thing. It's going to be hard to convince him he doesn't exist lol.
............With Abilities: Same difference, and if it's by powers then he'll be harder to convince considering that he'll say it was something your powers did. So give it a go if you want but meh.
Hugging this character: Fine~ it'll be funny.
Kissing this character: Also fine, but he may not be too receptive about it.
Flirting with this character: Go ahead, but again he may not be receptive of 'new' CR and it'd take quite a while before he'd learn the art of returning something like that. His whole life has been training his mind and detecting. Not 'getting into someone's pants 101' lol!
Sexual Contact
............Gender Preference: None. L views the sense of justice as his ultimate mind-set, things like this probably wouldn't matter to him though he does show that he could fall for women by mentioning to MisaMisa he could fall for someone like her but he's chained up to Light.
............Touching: If it's off the bat or is no/little CR, he may just kinda give you a *Looks down at your hand, looks up at you and walks away* type reply XD. If the situation is given and the CR is right and etcetera then this will be fine. You don't have to ask permission for something like this, if it's going to interfere I'll make sure to contact you or tell you on the subject line. Or OOC perhaps.
............Intercourse: Is your name Light? No? Then go away L would probably say he had better things to do than to engage in such things, but then again he's a 25 year old man. Given the right circumstances, the right situation and the right CR he would probably indulge. However, this would take substantial CR and time. It's easiest to PM me to ask me, but if the situation happens it happens, that's just how it goes with humans. Do just keep in mind what I said, he's probably not going to be the easiest of any character to get into this situation. Also the strike about Light is for lolz before anyone gets after me xD.
Fighting with this character: L isn't a supernatural, has no supernatural powers and all that jazz. However, he is practiced in martial arts and CAN defend himself. He's agile and strong, but doesn't use it unless he absolutely has to. He prefers to use his mind over his fists to resolve things, unless he's attacked first.
Injuring this character: Light scratches or bruises are fine, but otherwise please ask me!
............With Abilities: ask
............Physically: ask
Mind Fuck
............With Abilities: ask
............With Manipulation: This is acceptable. Mind games (Like Light does with him, going back and forth trying to convince him he's not who he really is) are fine by me. But asking never hurts xD.
Mental Connections
............With Telepathy: He's human so he wont be able to tell xD but it's nice to let me know if you're going to talk to him via his mind. But it doesn't really need permissions asked by me if you wanna talk to him via his brainmeatz.
............With Physical Contact: Again he's not going to know you're reading his mind- but if you're READING his mind, please do let me know you're at least a psychic so I can figure out what I need to do with him too or depict his thoughts :3.
............With Blood-taking: Ask please!
............With Empathy: I don't mind if someone wants to read his feelings. Normally they'll only get that he's calm or curious depending on the situation. If it's stressed or w/e then that's what they'll get xD. Just go ahead and lemme know in the subject bar or something. I'll let you know in detail in the tag afterward :3. OR you can OOC me and I'll be happy to do what I have to to accommodate you.
Killing this character: Ask please!

Please please PLEASE if you have permission posts or want to tell me a bit about your character or whatever else-- Tell me here!

Please realize that words such as 'adore' and 'desire' don't particularly mean that's how he views them, they're just words I'm using to denote a scale of sorts. Some of these aren't completed so if they're sitting directly in the middle, unless otherwise obvious-- then they're not graphed. With L, take "Physical Attraction" as a fore thought. If someone were to say 'Do you think I'm attractive' that's how he'd answer. Not that every one isn't their own special snowflake.

- Canon CR: This is reserved for people whom L may know (depending on what the mun wants if it's just speculation) whom they HAVEN'T FORMALLY MET in the game! If they have, then I'm sorry Mun into Game CR you go! Unless he has some sort of brain reboot- he's not going to be able to deny knowing them (unless he's gotta lol!)

- In Game CR: All the CR that he's gathered in game, including the people he's met from home that he may not have in canon.

- Dropped: The graveyard for his CR. If a different mun picks the same character up without actually having someone else play in between them dropping and picking up again, it will just reprise from the last time they played and be recycled. Otherwise it will stay in the graveyard.

Hover over the header for more information on what something may mean if it's available!
Go ahead and comment as you need to (I am freezing CR threads so that I can edit them later on at my leisure) but realize they may get deleted for age reasons and that this isn't the HMD page.

Requesting is always welcome!

Canon CR
Jeevas, Mail
Wammy, Quillish
Matsuda, Touta

In Game CR
Death Note
Amane, Misa | Michi
Keehl, Mihael | Bee
Teru, Mikami
Yagami, Light


Keehl, Mihael | Keri
River, Nate | Lucy

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