There's many versions of what the Successors believe they have in Canon (and of course canonically speaking what people accept themselves) during death note.

I'll detail it here what's been decided between myself and the current mun so that things are a little easier for everyone else to understand. Though, yes, I have my own values on what L would or wouldn't have done at any rate, I also want to value what they want too. I'm very easy to get along with in this respect xD.


In Canon
- Another Note is taken as canon regarding B in this instance as stipulated by their mun and accepted by me. I acknowledge and once again accept the interpretation of Beyond Birthday based upon these things.
- L knows what beyond looks like in his 'L costume' and therefore could make an educated guess if he were to perhaps remove the makeup. It's plot/situational dependent.
- What his pattern of behaviour is for the most part- aka his psychotic tendencies or what could set him off into a rage.
- Perhaps not his speaking pattern in voice posts because he'd only have had ever used the "L" within BF Canon if he had to. (*Note this is changed in Cake & OCD #3. He knows Beyond's voice from meeting face to face with him after being trapped under a fallen bookcase.
- L would use the name "B" while knowing it means"Backup", but also knowing not to use Backup as a specific name. This may cause him to go into somewhat an angrier state and should be avoided. For this incarnation, "B" should be used in preference given by the mun.
- Due to possible chronological issues, L and B were never at the Q& A session (OVA) that L held where Near and Mello stood standoffish while L answered the questions of others.
- This interpretation of B does not know Near or Mello, nor has he been introduced to them by L in any manner of speaking.

In [ profile] badfic_manor
- Thanks to Misa and the Body-Swap event, B knows that:
º L has a tiny bit of life left, perhaps ranging into the two or so second range.
º his name is "L Lawliet"
º Exact details of his face, posture, body movement (well, the way Misa would move it) and preferred dressing state to the N'th degree now.


In Canon

In [ profile] badfic_manor
- They've had a bit of a yammer session.
- Misa outed L to Beyond (unfortunately) via bodyswitch. So this means that I accept as mun and having talked it over with Beyond-mun that:
-----Beyond knows L's true name and that he had only moments left to live at home, that he was on the verge of dying. He knows his body's look, the way he dresses, the way his hair is and all sorts of other things in detail that is much more high quality than the rumour he had to work off of previously.

- Mello obsessed (thusly missing//hiatus time) while L's slumber occurred and it can be assumed (if Keri wants of course since I'm just adding this, my hiatus wasn't as long as I thought it'd be) that random checks until the plot started up were occurring- even after the plot about the Alien Survival occurred. This has not been cleared officially with Keri, just throwing it out there so y'all are aware. Okay now I really have to go out of town LOL.

Misora, Naomi
In Canon
- Has met L. She booted him down the stairs when he went to go see her and embraced her out of no where.
- Misora inspired his brand of martial art.

In [ profile] badfic_manor
- She met him face to face in the kitchen during the sickness and also they spoke a little when he first got there.

In Canon
- Both of us have come to the agreement that L and Near do not know each other on a personal level and that Near has only heard speculation of what L really looks like. However, L's speaking pattern rather than his actual voice (as their 'outward' voices are synthesized), may be able to be picked out by his successors. Being successors to L- I as the mun -accept they're good enough to find at least that much in conjecture.
- For the sake of simplicity, L knows Near's voice well enough that he can understand the transition of puberty into the voice.

In [ profile] badfic_manor
- Unfortunately, during Near's first post, L was in 'sleep stasis' while his mun was failing at life the post occurred. Mello's as well. They have not met in BF yet and only have perhaps small inkling through other characters they could be there (if Light has talked to Near at all I'm uncertain).


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