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I want you to be absolutely aware. L is a frigging genius. If you're playing him, he WILL suspect you. Light is arguably his best friend and he still suspects him of being a killer regardless of his involvement.

Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Yes, if it doesn't look like an integral part of plot. Always feel free to ask if you really want to- even if it's an OOC tag in the thread! I'm always open to talk :3.
Offensive subjects: There's probably nothing you can say to startle/offend me ...well there's SOME things but, normally I'm pretty laid back unless you're outright attacking me or passive-aggressively attacking me.

Fourthwalling: Prefer Not.
Canon Puncture
............With Knowledge: L may think you're crazy when you do this/if you do this and won't really believe you so that's fine. Unless you have the manga of him, then fine, but he may believe that if it's book form it's probably just another Shinigami-ish thing. It's going to be hard to convince him he doesn't exist lol.
............With Abilities: Same difference, and if it's by powers then he'll be harder to convince considering that he'll say it was something your powers did. So give it a go if you want but meh.
Hugging this character: Fine~ it'll be funny.
Kissing this character: Also fine, but he may not be too receptive about it.
Flirting with this character: Go ahead, but again he may not be receptive of 'new' CR and it'd take quite a while before he'd learn the art of returning something like that. His whole life has been training his mind and detecting. Not 'getting into someone's pants 101' lol!
Sexual Contact
............Gender Preference: None. L views the sense of justice as his ultimate mind-set, things like this probably wouldn't matter to him though he does show that he could fall for women by mentioning to MisaMisa he could fall for someone like her but he's chained up to Light.
............Touching: If it's off the bat or is no/little CR, he may just kinda give you a *Looks down at your hand, looks up at you and walks away* type reply XD. If the situation is given and the CR is right and etcetera then this will be fine. You don't have to ask permission for something like this, if it's going to interfere I'll make sure to contact you or tell you on the subject line. Or OOC perhaps.
............Intercourse: Is your name Light? No? Then go away L would probably say he had better things to do than to engage in such things, but then again he's a 25 year old man. Given the right circumstances, the right situation and the right CR he would probably indulge. However, this would take substantial CR and time. It's easiest to PM me to ask me, but if the situation happens it happens, that's just how it goes with humans. Do just keep in mind what I said, he's probably not going to be the easiest of any character to get into this situation. Also the strike about Light is for lolz before anyone gets after me xD.
Fighting with this character: L isn't a supernatural, has no supernatural powers and all that jazz. However, he is practiced in martial arts and CAN defend himself. He's agile and strong, but doesn't use it unless he absolutely has to. He prefers to use his mind over his fists to resolve things, unless he's attacked first.
Injuring this character: Light scratches or bruises are fine, but otherwise please ask me!
............With Abilities: ask
............Physically: ask
Mind Fuck
............With Abilities: ask
............With Manipulation: This is acceptable. Mind games (Like Light does with him, going back and forth trying to convince him he's not who he really is) are fine by me. But asking never hurts xD.
Mental Connections
............With Telepathy: He's human so he wont be able to tell xD but it's nice to let me know if you're going to talk to him via his mind. But it doesn't really need permissions asked by me if you wanna talk to him via his brainmeatz.
............With Physical Contact: Again he's not going to know you're reading his mind- but if you're READING his mind, please do let me know you're at least a psychic so I can figure out what I need to do with him too or depict his thoughts :3.
............With Blood-taking: Ask please!
............With Empathy: I don't mind if someone wants to read his feelings. Normally they'll only get that he's calm or curious depending on the situation. If it's stressed or w/e then that's what they'll get xD. Just go ahead and lemme know in the subject bar or something. I'll let you know in detail in the tag afterward :3. OR you can OOC me and I'll be happy to do what I have to to accommodate you.
Killing this character: Ask please!

Please please PLEASE if you have permission posts or want to tell me a bit about your character or whatever else-- Tell me here!


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